We started VerticalQ
with a mission

We started VerticalQ with a mission: Let everyone become their best version of themselves. This can only be achieved when you know where your talents lie, where you get your energy and how you can put these towards collaboration, daily routine and choices.

In our western society we mostly learn to use our “headbrain”. This brain governs mostly strategy and creativity, the generating of ideas and the thinking through of plans. However, we also possess other forms of wisdom; did you know that your body has more autonomous brains than one? Besides the brain in your head you also have a brain in your heart and a brain in your gut. These other brains have significant value.

‘’Experiencing where your strength lies is many times more effective than knowing what you are good at.’’ 


The brain in your heart governs transformation, it tells us about the things that resonate strongly with us and how to inspire others to achieve a shared goal. Last but not least, the brain in your gut governs safety and consolidation, the intuitive ability to feel whether the right things are being done and to make sure they are done right.

The VUCA world

In business life there are few places where the wisdom of all three brains is permitted. Your gut-feeling isn’t concrete enough, the elephant in the room is ignored and the introverts don’t feel they can speak up with their insights. Not only is this a pity, it also fails to meet the demands of today, where just  the logic of “how to get from A to B” according to a definitive roadmap is no longer enough. The world is changing too fast and the new challenges arising are too complex. Learning to anticipate what’s coming, knowing when to change direction and looking to see which talent could be useful in that moment asks for greater awareness and insight into each person’s strengths and talents.


We need a more broad and “vertical” perspective, which is what we offer here at VerticalQ, where we take into account all the talents and strengths that an individual possesses. In our rich, experiential assessment our three brains come together and this is something that we want  to share with as many people as possible. By empowering more people, more energy will be released and balance and space for solutions will be created.

Growing Community

VerticalQ has a worldwide community of practitioners and we are seeking to build it further with experienced, enthusiastic and forward-thinking coaches and trainers who put growth and development first.

It starts with a VerticalQ workshop

Do you want to experience VerticalQ yourself and put it into practice? Come to one of our workshops and experience our unique, body-based  assessment.