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VerticalQ dreams big! The world is asking for some big changes and we’ll need new insights and wisdom to stay afloat. As Einstein once said:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

We need a new type of thinking, and at VerticalQ we aren’t talking about cramming more thoughts into your head, crowding your mind. Instead, we’ll introduce you to your other brains, the ones outside of your head, which we all have. Your brain in your heart and your brain in your gut.

We believe that we can shift our society from one driven by ego to one where the ego has learned to work together with the heart and gut. Just imagine the change we could inspire ! It is therefore important that as many people and teams as possible come to understand their own VerticalQ. And we cannot do that alone.

Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship, grounded in equality and honesty. This is why we share opportunities, insights and our beautiful way of working which enable us to grow the power of our collective. As a practitioner you automatically become a member of our VerticalQ Community which brings with it many advantages:

  • Online visibility for clients and businesses in your area
  • In-depth workshops and knowledge sessions with our VerticalQ team
  • Connect with like-minded coaches and trainers
  • Up-to-date information
  • Insightful templates and timelines for use in your own workshops and trainings
  • Supporting software for individual and team reports 
  • Exchange of Tips & Tricks

Become a VerticalQ Practitioner or Consultant

Do you want to start using VerticalQ in your daily practice? Follow our 7 day accreditation programme to do just this! In this programme you’ll experience the impact of working with the whole body.

You’ll learn how to use VerticalQ in coaching both individuals and teams, how to generate powerful insights, improve team dynamics, and develop intelligence as a system.

The accreditation programme consists of 3 training blocks of two days and an exam day. It goes as follows:

Block 1

During block 1 you’ll learn about the following principles:

  • Fundamental principles of collective leadership and systematic intelligence;
  • Discovering the intelligence of your 3 brains from neuro-scientific insights;
  • Exploration and discovery of yourself and others with use of the VerticalQ talents and the team templates;
  • How to carry out a VerticalQ assessment and the impact of this experience

Block 2

During block 2 we’ll explore in more depth with: 

  • In-depth principles of collective leadership and systematic intelligence;
  • Reading and understanding people on at an essence level;
  • Carrying out a VerticalQ assessment and learning how to do a coaching debrief;
  • Learning how to reveal and interpret the system in a meaningful way for clients and how to coach them on it.

Block 3

During block 3 we’ll focus on:

  • System intelligence whilst guiding transformations;
  • Learning to coach people through the holistic VerticalQ-profiles;
  • Interpreting advanced VerticalQ team constellation reports and how to coach the team on them;
  • Performing “embodied coaching” to accelerate insights and actions with clients and to help develop their “embodied leadership”

In between the three training blocks and the exam day, the participants will be asked to practise with the assessment and the theoretical aspects to improve their understanding of the material and to help them integrate the knowledge. Support and extra guidance will also be available.

You can choose to have  the “measuring” of individual Talents done by someone else and to only become accredited in the training and coaching that comes after the VerticalQ assessment has been done. This would mean choosing the consulting variant of the programme. This version cancels one afternoon of the programme for those who choose it.

Community Platform

On this platform you can find useful information as part of our VQ Community:

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Templates to use
  • Timelines
  • Forum for sharing experiences and asking questions