Experience VerticalQ

VerticalQ is best understood when experienced. In this assessment the body tells us which of your talents are the most powerful. Working  with a coach or practitioner, during the assessment you actually experience for yourself where your greatest strengths are. This makes the VerticalQ assessment unique.

On a mission

We are on a mission to take on the complex challenges of our time. We can do this  through our VerticalQ assessment which reveals to us our greatest talents and how to use them to become more powerful. 

Discover the advantages of the VerticalQ assessment:

  • Listen to all three brains: head, heart and gut
  • Get insight into the situations, activities and roles where you are at your most powerful
  • Help teams become more successful and happy because everyone’s talents are being used.

Rationality is an important parameter, but now emotion and intuition finally also get to be heard. By knowing how to use your full vertical intelligence you gain new insights, you can solve complex problems, and you have greater energy to bring to your collaboration, making it more effective. Exactly what our society desperately needs!

Experience VerticalQ as

Coach and/or practitioner

Do you want to make use of VerticalQ in  your practice? Experiencing it is the first step. During an “Experience VerticalQ” workshop, you’ll discover everything about VerticalQ, the VQ Community, which all practitioners are a part of, and how you can use this progressive assessment for individual or team development in your clientset.


Are you responsible for the development and growth of  employees  and teams in  your organisation? VerticalQ can be the perfect tool to help your teams grow. You can do this with the help of a VerticalQ practitioner or by becoming accredited  yourself. The first step is to experience the assessment for yourself and discover its many advantages.


Do you want to start working from your own power and do you want to gain energy from whatever you’re doing? Put your personal growth first and start with the VerticalQ assessment. An experienced VerticalQ practitioner can help you.


I am a Perfector

“Constant achievement and improvement is what drives me and gives me energy. I am trustworthy and I hold high standards for my work. Within a team I believe respect and appreciation is one of the most important things.”


I am an Affiliator

“As an Affiliator I am always searching for common ground, I am interested in other people’s stories and I can switch gears quickly. I get energy by making connections, positive ideas and strong relationships.”


I am an Energiser

“Inspiration is a power that gets people and projects moving. I believe that you can use connection and motivation to help people change.”


I am a Validator

“I listen to my gut feeling whenever I make decisions: something either feels right or wrong. I am calm and systematic in my power and I search for trust.”


I am a Thinker

“Discovery brings with it new insights. I love going in depth while also observing to keep sight of the whole. Only when the puzzle is complete am I satisfied.”


I am a Visionary

“Loyalty and safety are my driving forces. I can feel the future unfold itself and I can see which way we need to go to reach our collective goals.”


I am an Innovator

“Give me one problem and I will give you 10 solutions! New ideas and opportunities give me energy. I am creative, enthusiastic and positive.”


I am a Manifester

“I am at my best when I’m active: high tempo with the necessary challenges. I believe in my own power and ideas and am able to make quick decisions. I love to be at the forefront of any project.”


I am an Integrator

“With teamwork, inclusivity and mutual acknowledgement we get further in life. I love harmony and coordination and am good at mediating between different parties.”

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