VerticalQ as added value

VerticalQ lets the body speak and uses its unique and effective multiple brain assessment method to map the strongest talents of individuals and teams. We are happy to tell you more about the added value of the VerticalQ Assessment, the in-depth models and how it works in practice.

VerticalQ in brief

VerticalQ is a multiple brain assessment method that helps you understand your talents, the people around you and the dynamics within your team.

During the assessment, a personal profile is created by testing how someone moves and operates from all over the body. Together with the practitioner, the candidate experiences how the talents relate to each other in strength. The four strongest talents form the talent profile.

Vertical development

You are probably familiar with the expression ‘being in your power’, we can let you experience what physical ‘standing in your power’ feels like and translate this into a business-smart and personal talent profile based on head, heart and belly intelligence.

Have you ever focused on the development of your head, heart and abdominal intelligence? And are you already familiar with the fantastic cooperation between the three intelligence centers that are located in your body?

At VerticalQ we call this Vertical development: the use of the nine different talents and the cooperation between the three brains that you have as an individual. This multiple brain assessment provides new insights into talents that were previously invisible and not always understood. VerticalQ creates insight for yourself, the team around you and ensures that you can stand in your power.


I am a Perfector

“Constant achievement and improvement is what drives me and gives me energy. I am trustworthy and I hold high standards for my work. Within a team I believe respect and appreciation is one of the most important things.”


I am an Affiliator

“As an Affiliator I am always searching for common ground, I am interested in other people’s stories and I can switch gears quickly. I get energy by making connections, positive ideas and strong relationships.”


I am an Energiser

“Inspiration is a power that gets people and projects moving. I believe that you can use connection and motivation to help people change.”


I am a Validator

“I listen to my gut feeling whenever I make decisions: something either feels right or wrong. I am calm and systematic in my power and I search for trust.”


I am a Thinker

“Discovery brings with it new insights. I love going in depth while also observing to keep sight of the whole. Only when the puzzle is complete am I satisfied.”


I am a Visionary

“Loyalty and safety are my driving forces. I can feel the future unfold itself and I can see which way we need to go to reach our collective goals.”


I am an Innovator

“Give me one problem and I will give you 10 solutions! New ideas and opportunities give me energy. I am creative, enthusiastic and positive.”


I am a Manifester

“I am at my best when I’m active: high tempo with the necessary challenges. I believe in my own power and ideas and am able to make quick decisions. I love to be at the forefront of any project.”


I am an Integrator

“With teamwork, inclusivity and mutual acknowledgement we get further in life. I love harmony and coordination and am good at mediating between different parties.”

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The 9 talents

VerticalQ distinguishes 9 talents that are focused on collaboration and personal leadership. Every talent is present, but differs in strength per person.

Each talent has its own characteristics, its own focus and has its own pace and rhythm. The talents are also interrelated. Talents can reinforce each other and can trigger each other’s pitfalls. This is described in clear language in the personal report that each participant receives after the assessment. The report is the start to empower yourself by working (together) from your unique combination of talents.

Deepening Models

VerticalQ has developed a number of models that further deepen the cohesion between the talents and clarify the typical characteristics of talents in different themes. The three brains are integrated and deepened in different collaboration models.

Leading a change could, for example, be divided into four phases. The talents that VerticalQ describes all link up with one or two phases within this cycle. When you know which talents you have at your disposal within a team, you can also use these talents more consciously within the phase in which you are currently operating.

The value for teams

Common language

VerticalQ offers a concrete, common language for rational and less rational matters. For example, ‘atmosphere’ in a team or ‘a gut feeling that something is not right’. This information becomes commercially applicable and of great value through the use of VerticalQ.

Common goal

The world around us is constantly changing. Knowing together what is needed to achieve the common goal requires continuous coordination and adjustment. Not only in what you do, but also in how you do it together. Every talent can play an important role in this process.

Insight into each other’s talents

Insight into each other’s talents and possible contribution to the collective provides more understanding and more insight into the strength of the team. When people can work together based on their talent, it gives energy, people have fun, it brings satisfaction and it increases the results.

Complex issues

We live in a complex world in which the issues that arise can only be solved through cooperation and using all our wisdom. In addition to the brain in your head, which we all know well, we also need the brain in the heart area and the brain in the abdominal area.

Answer to development questions

How do I work from my energy instead of muscle strength?

Working from your talent is effortless. The VerticalQ assessment shows in which talents someone is in his or her strength. In follow-up coaching, we learn to use these talents consciously, so that someone learns to apply the intelligence of the heart and the abdomen in practice. This ensures a more complete self-image and more energy.

How can we ensure that we work together optimally within our team?

Having a common language and purpose ensures that teams perform at their best. By means of VerticalQ, teams not only gain insight into the different talents and roles, but also how these talents are attuned to each other, when these talents can best be deployed and from which dynamics a talent operates.

How do I work from my strength and talent?

Working from your own talents starts with having insight. At VerticalQ this insight is not reasoned from the head, but is experienced with the body. With the VerticalQ assessment, it is ‘measured’ when someone is in his or her strength and this exposes the strongest talents. The personal report explains which talents these are and how a person uses his or her strengths optimally.