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Discover your greatest strengths

VerticalQ is an innovative, leading edge assessment which empowers people and creates insight into talents,
strengths and opportunities for higher performance in teams.

VerticalQ differentiates itself by the way in which the assessment is performed,
identifying talents that are linked to our 3 autonomous brains (head, heart and gut).

Become a better
coach and trainer

VerticalQ is designed for people who put their (team) development first and who wish to understand more about their talents and personal special qualities.

Would you like to experience VerticalQ for yourself?

VerticalQ is best understood when actually experienced. In the assessment your body tells you what your most powerful talents are. This can be used by trainers (who work with teams) and by team coaches.

What effect does VerticalQ have?

By allowing our bodies to speak, our greatest talents are revealed. Using comprehensive models and logically worded profiles, the insights can be used for both personal growth and greater team cooperation. This way, everyone in a team is empowered.

Wish to become a VerticalQ practitioner?

As a trainer and coach do you want to make a positive impact on the development and growth of your clients? VerticalQ is a tool which can be used to help make both teams and individuals their best version of themselves. This assessment offers a perfect starting point for a further, in-depth development program.

Experience the positive effects yourself

VerticalQ has a positive effect on personal growth, team performance and on your own offering as a coach. This is something you have to discover, experience and put to the test!

Become part of
the VerticalQ community

As a certified VerticalQ practitioner, you can use this methodology
to empower teams and individuals. In addition, you will enjoy several benefits such as periodic knowledge sessions and promotion on our website and channels.

Your step to a successful team

As a manager or team-leader you know the importance of a good team. But how do you create a team where the members cooperate, understand each other and work towards a common goal?

Take the first step with a VerticalQ assessment, where vertical growth is central.


VerticalQ listens to your body &
gives you insight into your greatest talents.

Become acquainted with the nine strengths you possess:


I am a Perfector

“Constant achievement and improvement is what drives me and gives me energy. I am trustworthy and I hold high standards for my work. Within a team I believe respect and appreciation is one of the most important things.”


I am an Affiliator

“As an Affiliator I am always searching for common ground, I am interested in other people’s stories and I can switch gears quickly. I get energy by making connections, positive ideas and strong relationships.”


I am an Energiser

“Inspiration is a power that gets people and projects moving. I believe that you can use connection and motivation to help people change.”


I am a Validator

“I listen to my gut feeling whenever I make decisions: something either feels right or wrong. I am calm and systematic in my power and I search for trust.”


I am a Thinker

“Discovery brings with it new insights. I love going in depth while also observing to keep sight of the whole. Only when the puzzle is complete am I satisfied.”


I am a Visionary

“Loyalty and safety are my driving forces. I can feel the future unfold itself and I can see which way we need to go to reach our collective goals.”


I am an Innovator

“Give me one problem and I will give you 10 solutions! New ideas and opportunities give me energy. I am creative, enthusiastic and positive.”


I am a Manifester

“I am at my best when I’m active: high tempo with the necessary challenges. I believe in my own power and ideas and am able to make quick decisions. I love to be at the forefront of any project.”


I am an Integrator

“With teamwork, inclusivity and mutual acknowledgement we get further in life. I love harmony and coordination and am good at mediating between different parties.”

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