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Are you a leader who wants to make a difference?

VerticalQ offers unique and innovative insights into everyone’s talents and how we can best connect and relate to one another. We offer you the opportunity to reach your and your team’s full potential. You and your team have more to offer than you ever thought possible. VerticalQ is a must for all future-oriented leaders and organisations who want to achieve their goals and create happy, high performing teams together.

Combine ‘doing’ and ‘being’

VerticalQ distinguishes 9 talents that are focused on collaboration and personal leadership. Every talent is present, but differs in strength per person.

As a team or organisation, we all know the various ways of leading and decision making that are usually focussed on facts, SMART decisions and clearly formulated KPI’s. This enables us to work in an action-oriented way to get directly to our goal, and from there to results. As a leader, we mainly focus on ‘doing’. This way of working  seems to make good sense, feels nice and familiar and is very comfortable to us. In practice, however, it can turn out to be a lot less manageable than what we planned on or expected.

In addition to ‘doing’ as a leader, you need to pause regularly  and observe and sense what is needed to stay on track, keep everyone on board and anticipate the future that is unfolding. To be able to do this, you need to focus on ‘being’ as much as on ‘doing’. You need the intelligence of all your dimensions: head, heart and gut.

Three brains

Did you know that your body consists of more autonomous brains than one?  Apart from the brain in your head, which we are all very familiar with, you also have a brain in your heart and a brain in your gut.

These brains are continuously learning, they have the ability to recognize and recollect, and they send a ton of signals to the brain in your head. In fact, your head is constantly being fed wisdom and information by your gut and heart, more so than the other way around!

This most likely raises some questions:

Which head, heart and gut talents are hidden in your team?
How do you know how to make these talents work in optimal cooperation?
Which language(s) do you and your team speak?
How can you develop yourselves as a team through your full Vertical Talents?

VerticalQ is an assessment method that addresses all these questions.

Hardships within organisations

In every modern-day organisation there are hardships.
VerticalQ seeks to help mitigate  these:

Connecting people to your team and organisationGoverning change
FlexibilityOwnership within teamsThe pleasure of working 

Back to the basics

VerticalQ isn’t based on nothing; the assessment builds on the Embodied Leadership Strength Profile (ELSP). This aligns the nine talents to different postures and energy centres in your body.

This method was founded 15 years ago, and then further refined to suit the business world. It has now been used in multiple organisations for over 10 years and results show that VerticalQ assessments are extremely beneficial to teams and departments. Today, thousands of assessments have been done with VerticalQ and we can say that it has empirically proved itself.

Are you responsible for the development and growth of employees and teams within your organisation?

VerticalQ can be the perfect tool to help your teams grow. You can do this with the help of a VerticalQ practitioner or by becoming accredited yourself.